Leadershift 5-Week Mastermind

Take your leadership journey to the next level with this 5-week LEADERSHIFT Mastermind

Change is so rapid today that leaders must do much more than stay the course to be successful.  To survive and keep your company or career alive, you must be flexible and ready to adapt.  The key is to learn how to leadershift.

In LEADERSHIFT, John C. Maxwell shows the way for leaders to make leadership changes that will positively enhance their professional and personal growth.  He does this by sharing the shifts he made and equips others to increase their leadership potential.

Each shift will change your trajectory and set you up for new and exciting achievements, ultimately strengthening and sustaining your ability to impact those you lead.

In this LEADERSHIFT Mastermind, we will participate in a group discussion around the 11 shifts John outlines in his book to help you become more innovative and influential as you lead others in today’s fast-paced world.

Join me for 5 weeks beginning Thursday February 18th at 10:30 am CST on LEADERSHIFT.

Register today and take advantage of early-bird pricing of $197.  All participants must purchase a copy of the book and will receive a FREE electronic workbook.


Register today for early-bird pricing ($197)